Sunday, 5 August 2012

Swimming Pool in a Unique Home

high mobility and the need for convenience will be obtained if we can relax our own home. when we are busy getting the head seemed to burst then you need to relax and solutions are given when we are swimming in the pool house alone. enjoyment will we enjoy the pool with the concept that we have when we do not have adequate land we can use the land is in the house to make our unique swimming pool.
even narrower pool but with the right arrangement will get maximum results. we can see from the picture above that there rnang beside the pool room that is only limited by the glass can increase the area of ​​our view of the small pools that are at home. extends the selection will also add to the impression that this pool we can use to relax or exercise.
selection of ornaments available boxes and hollow out the addition would increase the existing pool in the house also has open the same impression when we swim in the outdoor pool. well now you are choosing to live with a little land and are at home we can get a unique swimming pool that we want.

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shades of green living

The most preferred room of the house is the family room because the family room we can get together with family members at home. the design and arrangement of good and tidy will provide comfort highly coveted all members of the house.

Color selection was also very important for the family room as bright colors can give the impression of a fresh and more energetic.
as the room we discussed this time the green color selection is appropriate because there is a house that has a green house concept is perfect because we are getting closer to the natural atmosphere. not only the color that we can see the placement of furniture and interior space of this family are very organized and have a concept.
owners give green accent walls and cabinets along with a green sofa dominant place holder television. white accent table gives the firm because it provides a bright color. change the atmosphere of your home, especially the living room into your favorite room.

Luxury houses with garden lights

Not only serves as an illumination light in the darkness when the park is also we can use for things that can make your home more lively and have high artistic value. When has a good garden in the park or the rear and sides when pagihingga afternoon we will be able to see the garden that we have had the pleasure to see it yourself.
when the night if you can see your garden? could be the answer because there are lights that menenranginya as I mentioned above as the illumination light is not only alone but also as a sweetener in the park. green plants can be combined premises, pool, gazebo and more.

like a garden above garden lights can make a sweet and elegant flower garden when there can be utilized into ornaments and lights will provide a romantic accent.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Modern classic home

Who would have thought would be left begitusaja classic impression of this modern world, the concept of a wide range of home and the flow will menmyatukan rides and thought the architect to provide maximum service to consumers.

modern classic house design we are talking about is actually also be said of modern minimalist house for da few simple accents and are characteristic of the minimalist home but this time we will discuss modern classic house in terms of concept and the exposure of the homeowner desires.

the beginning we saw this house is simple, elegant, classic wood accents as there are dominant to the classic house house ini.dengan displays a more open house will provide lighting and air circulation is sufficient. provision of a wooden wall that is providing the view that this house is a modern classic house.

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